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Beer and Social Media - A Suffolk Perspective

A couple of weeks ago this - Beer and Social Media - appeared in my Feedly. It's well worth a read, not a long post, well written, and interesting ideas raised. Essentially it is suggesting that many pubs fail to make good use of social media, and may ultimately fail as business as a result.

Now I agree that social media can be a good platform for promotion, but my gut reaction was rather sceptical - especially in the context of the rurla area where I live. The blog linked above is from BeersManchester, so clearly the blogger's experience is urban.

I got to thinking about two local pubs that I like, and their use of social media. The Theberton Lion uses Facebook (214 followers) and Twitter (141 followers) as does TheSweffling White Horse (1,231 / 405 respectively). Both use social media fairly frequently, but there have only ever been a couple of occasions when that has influenced my decision to visit them. Perhaps they have other followers who are more influenced by their posts…

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